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After the first two National Championships in 1985 & 1986 this song was released. As a parody of the Jimmy Dean ballad about the Miner "Big Bad John" who saves the mine crew before getting buried in the shaft. The lyrics are replaced with the story of the First 2 National Championships, and a man named "Big Bad Erk." Released as a vinyl 45 by "97 WAVE" WAEV 97.3 / Spectrum.

Odd facts known by few

Georgia Southern vs. Middle Tennessee State on 9/21/1989 as Hugo approaches Charleston.

Recounting the 1989 perfect 15-0 season that culminated with a National Championship win in Allen E. Paulson Stadium, and Erk's final game.

As Columbus State was thinking about starting a football program, this story related the begining of Georgia Southern Football.

For the 20th anniversary of Georgia Southern Football, the Savannah Morning News ran a ranked list of the the twenty most memorable games in Georgia Southern's History.

A timeline of membership in the Southern Conference, and the two conferences who sprang from it, the Southeastern Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference.

History and Lore